We’re all cultural artifacts

« Chartres is made of stone and glass. But it is not just stone and glass; it is a cathedral, and not only a cathedral, but a particular cathedral built at a particular time by certain members of a particular society. To understand what it means, to perceive it for what it is, you need to know rather more than the generic properties of stone and glass and rather more than what is common to all cathedrals. You need to understand also – and, in my opinion, most critically – the specific concepts of the relations among God, man, and architecture that, since they have governed its creation, it consequently embodies. It is no different with men: they, too, every last one of them, are cultural artifacts. »

Clifford Geertz, The Interpretation of Cultures, ch. II

Un anthropologue qui compare l’homme à la cathédrale de Chartres ne peut pas être foncièrement mauvais.